One Night Only

A special screening to benefit the Coastal Children's Museum
Thursday, March 30

Terence Young directed this first of a long line of screen adventures with Ian Fleming's unflappable...

One Night Only
Travel the world of solutions
Friday, April 21 - Thursday, April 27

Showing solutions, telling a feel-good story… this may be the best way to solve the ecological, economical and social crises that our countries are going through. After a special briefing for the journal Nature...

One Night Only
A Free Family Film, co-presented by the Farnsworth and the Strand
Sunday, April 23

In this beautifully hand-drawn animated Irish tale, a young boy named Ben and his little sister Saoirse, a girl who can turn into a seal, go on an adventure. Made by the creators of The Secret of Kells...

One Night Only
Co-presented by the Good Tern Food Safety Committee and the Upstream Policy Institute
Saturday, April 29

A Plastic Ocean is a new feature-length adventure documentary that brings to light the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle. We thought we could use plastic once and throw it away with negligible...

One Night Only
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