with special guests Heather Maloney and Sara Hallie Richardson

American singer-songwriter and musician ANAIS MITCHELL, described as the "queen of modern folk music," presents her current release and tour Child Ballads in collaboration with JEFFERSON HAMER.

MITCHELL, a guitarist and piano player, has released four albums. HAMER is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who plays traditional folk and original music, began his career with the Colorado roots rock band Great American Taxi.

Picture this American scene: two friends rolling down I-40 somewhere outside Nashville, singing out the open window. The backseat is a jumble of guitars, boots, takeaway plates from a roadside BBQ, and paperback books. But the song? The song goes like this: “As I walked out over London Bridge, on a misty morning early...” And the books? A five-volume set of "The English and Scottish Popular Ballads—the Child Ballads" (For the uninitiated, these aren’t kids’ songs—they’re a nineteenth century anthology named after their collector, Sir Francis James Child).

The friends are ANAIS MITCHELL and JEFFERSON HAMER, two songwriters who co- arranged a selection of epic old folk songs from across the Atlantic for their current release Child Ballads. For MITCHELL, this recording comes on the heels of 2010’s Hadestown and 2012’s Young Man in America. For HAMER, if followed a move to New York in 2008 to pursue songwriting and a passion for Irish traditional music.

MITCHELL and HAMER discovered their shared love of Celtic and British Isles ballads, especially the classic folk albums of the 1970s, and made a plan to arrange and record some of their favorites together. The resulting album's production is minimal, and the songs are driven by two-guitar arrangements and the kind of close harmonies that call to mind Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris or an acoustic Fleetwood Mac. “We kept thinking back to those records we loved so much,” says Mitchell, “and finally decided that what the songs wanted was to be presented as simply as possible; melody, harmony, acoustic instruments, live taping—the stories really out front.”

“The language, and the music, is both familiar and exotic at the same time,” says Mitchell. “It’s inspiring, and it’s a rabbit-hole. It’s no wonder it took us so long.”              

Currently a well-kept secret, Mitchell is writing material that stands comparison with the great singer-songwriters of the past few decades - Daily Telegraph

Mitchell is a skilled storyteller...and her delivery gives an emotional complexity that welcomes and even demands repeated listens. - Pitchfork




HEATHER MALONEY is a western Massachusetts based artist who has received numerous accolades for her startlingly soulful voice and literate songwriting exploring themes of spirituality, transformation, and impermanence. Critics are quickly discovering Maloney's talent with No Depression raving "Her music is riveting, her voice adventurous, her lyrics thought-provoking...” while Blurt Magazine wrote "Heather Maloney is one of the most talented tradition-based singer-songwriters I’ve heard in some time...the writing is stunning."

If there’s a typical path to becoming a songwriter, MALONEY didn’t follow it. Although she went to school for music and had done plenty of singing, she only began writing tunes a few years ago after living and working for three years in a silent-retreat meditation center in central Massachusetts. “The biggest motivating factor in writing was probably the experiences that I was having here in my meditation practice,” she says. “There was the difficulty of it, the suffering of it, and wanting to channel that into something creative, and on the positive side, the insights that came out of my experiences.”

MALONEY is primed for a breakout 2014. Her collaboration with Massachusetts-based indie folk quartet Darlingside, the Woodstock EP, garnered national attention with a New York Times feature for their cover of Joni Mitchell’s classic song, “Woodstock.” The EP was released by Signature Sounds on March 11. MALONEY is now embarking on an expansive US tour and will begin work on her next full-length album.


Her music is riveting, her voice adventurous, her lyrics thought-provoking… Maloney’s expansive range can handle Ella Fitzgerald-style jazz scat and adapt to Beatlesque pop or Joni Mitchell folk… - No Depression

Terrific… Maloney’s lyrics cut to the chase. - Huffington Post

Delicious, really excellent…Graham Nash, Crosby Stills Nash and Young



SARA HALLIE RICHARDSON, a Portland, Maine based singer/songwriter, has been performing and writing music through folk, indie, and electronic styles. With influences such as Kate Bush, Bjork, and St. Vincent, RICHARDSON'S songs have won her honors at the University of Maine including the Research and Creative Achievement Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award in Arts and Communication Media.






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