A CIFF 10 x 10 Film Event

The Camden International Film Festival presents Artfully Short - a showcase of acclaimed documentary short films all centered around the creative process, as part of its 10 for 10 series with the Strand Theatre. The films take viewers on a journey into the minds of musicians, architects, painters, sculptors and photographers, and will include award-winning films from Spain, as well as Lincolnville, Maine! All short films selected for this program have previously screened at CIFF as part of our Shorts First program between 2010 and 2013.

“With over forty short films screened each year at CIFF, it was a real challenge to choose just a handful to share,” says Ben Fowlie, Founder and Executive Director of CIFF. “These films, however, explore the creative process in unique and creative ways themselves, and will surely leave audiences awed and inspired.”

The entire shorts program will run 90 mins.

Dir. Sergio Oksman, Spain, 2013, 26 mins.
Filmmaker Sergio Oksman stumbled upon a box of personal items once owned by Elmer Modlin, an actor who appeared as an extra in Rosemary’s Baby. As Oksman uncovers the details behind each of the items, an intriguing story about the Modlin family begins to unfold.

Dir. Julien Lasseur, USA, 2013, 5 mins.
Artist Brendan O'Connell has been kicked out of more Walmart stores than you've ever visited. So what if Walmart gave him full access and allowed him to setup an easel in any aisle across America?

Dir. Seth Brown, USA, 2012, 15 mins.
Covered in grease, sandwich in hand, he has been in his shop all night building a machine. Tearing wires, welding copper to steel, replacing logic with humor and wit. He doesn't build for money or fame; he does it for his satisfaction alone. DEUS EX MACHINA is the story of a man building an incredibly beautiful, yet incredibly dangerous machine. Made by Maine local filmmaker, Seth Brown.

Dir. Riley Hooper, USA, 2013, 10 mins.
With gritty style and a witty sense of humor, New York photographer Flo Fox has been documenting the streets of New York City since the 1970s. Now in her 60s and battling Multiple Sclerosis, lung cancer, and visual impairment, Flo continues to pursue photography and maintain her adventurous, feisty spirit and dirty sense of humor.

Dir. Davina Pardo, USA, 2011, 15 mins.
MINKA is a short documentary film about a remarkable Japanese farmhouse and the memories it contains. In 1967, an American journalist and his adopted Japanese son rescued the ancient house from the snow country of Japan, and their lives were forever changed. MINKA is an intimate story about place, architecture, memory and the meaning of home.

Dir. Peter Esmonde, USA, 2010, 20 mins.
Over the past quarter century, composer, performer Ellen Fullman has developed and perfected her extraordinary 'long string instrument.' More than fifty feet long, the instrument envelops its audience in dense masses of sound; imagine standing inside an enormous pipe organ, or a huge grand piano. Recorded in multichannel surround sound, this short film is an intense musical exploration of Ellen Fullman's creative process and her mind-blowing sound world.


The Camden International Film Festival celebrates the upcoming 10th edition of CIFF with "10 for 10," a monthly screening series co-presented by and held at The Strand Theatre. Each month CIFF brings back a highly acclaimed documentary from past festivals, or shares a new film fresh from the festival circuit.

Show Dates & Times:

5/21/14 - Wednesday

7:00 pm,

$8.50 Adults, $7.50 Students, Seniors

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