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His passion for birds carried him across a continental wilderness to observe them in their natural habitat, and his skills as an artist and observer immortalized them and their environment to remind and inspire us two centuries later. A singular visionary in frontier America, Audubon was the godfather of today’s conservation movement.

Audubon is the story of a rare man and the wild creatures he loved. His obsession cost him and his family dearly, but his work influenced every generation of nature lover that came after him, from Thoreau to Teddy Roosevelt, and has helped to preserve a small portion of the wild lands he explored and documented.

The legacy of Audubon is as timeless and vital as his art, and this film is an effort to appreciate him as he deserves.

Directed/Written by Al Reinert

NR | USA | 2015

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Audubon vividly captures the remarkable life of John James Audubon. The Birds of America was a monumental work by an artist and naturalist obsessed with his work. Hosting the film's world premiere at the 2015 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital allowed us to honor Audubon and his significance as an artist and conservationist.Flo Stone, Founder, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital

One of the most absorbing art documentaries I’ve seen recently, Audubon is very impressively researched, written and photographed, and SO pleasurable to watch. Though Audubon himself encompasses many disciplines – ornithology, botany, natural history, etc., it’s really the artistic aspect of his Birds of America that captures our imagination—and ultimately that’s why this film is so stimulating.Margaret Parsons, Curator, Film Dept National Gallery of Art

I think [it's] one of the most superb documentaries I've ever seen at any time. This film really captures the life of this great man. Anyone that's interested in birds, that's interested in nature, that's interested in conservation, and interested in American History, should see this film.Victor Emanuel, Victor Emanuel Tours

Show Dates & Times:

8/20/16 - Saturday

5:30 pm,

Free Admission, with suggested donation of $10

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