BEAUSOLEIL avec Michael Doucet


Since forming in 1975, Grammy winners BEAUSOLEIL have claimed their undisputed role as the most esteemed Cajun group in music. BEAUSOLEIL avec MICHAEL DOUCET take the rich Cajun traditions of Louisiana and artfully blend elements of zydeco, New Orleans jazz, Tex-Mex, country, blues and more into a satisfying musical recipe. From The Grand Ole Opry to Newport Folk, from concert hall to dance floor, the music of BEAUSOLEIL continues to captivate audiences the world over.

The first Cajun band to win a Grammy, with "L’amour Ou La Folie" (Traditional Folk Album) in 1998, they went on to win a second Grammy in 2010 with "Live at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival" and many other accolades. They are regular guests on Garrison Keillor’s National Public Radio show A Prairie Home Companion, and their music is so integral to the Cajun culture that they have been featured on the New Orleans–based hit HBO program Treme.

The remarkable thing about Cajun revivalists BeauSoleil is that they are still inviting us to ask what’s new. BeauSoleil isn’t neo-anything. This ensemble finds freshness not by infusing vintage styles with contemporary sonics, but with vibrant, thoughtful fusions. - Boston Globe

Their presentation of newness and reverence of tradition is the heart of the band. “People know Cajun music being from Southwest Louisiana and because of the longitude and the latitude but it has influences from all over: Nova Scotia, France, delta blues, the islands, and the traditional improvisational aspects of New Orleans. We’re always pushing that envelope,” comments Michael Doucet, “All the songs are different – there aren’t two songs that sound remotely alike though they are played with the same set of instruments. That comes from these rebellious hearts that we always had. We’ve always taken chances. To attempt to create great music of any kind, one has to take chances.”

Doucet has gained acclaim by developing his own flavor of Cajun music and he and his band represent many ‘firsts’ for the genre. Early on they focused on the lead and twin fiddle styles of the originals of Acadian folk music over the more popular 1920s adoption of the German diatonic accordion. They performed with the communal integrity characteristic of early Cajun music, choosing to perform unplugged like a group of friends playing together in a Louisiana living room, rather than plugging in. They broke ground as the first band to feature an acoustic guitar as the lead instrument, replacing the lead accordion or steel guitar. They were the first to include the frottoir, the rub board borrowed from Cajun music’s Zydeco cousin, and they were the first to feature a female vocalist. All of these innovations were fueled by Doucet’s determination to rejuvenate Cajun and zydeco music, breathing into it a new relevance.

THE BEST CAJUN BAND IN THE WORLD. - Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion

BeauSoleil avec Micael Doucet, they play music that's honest to the bone! - Allan Toussaint

Lobby and Balcony Bars will be open for 21+

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Show Dates & Times:

4/9/16 - Saturday

7:30 pm,

$25/General Admission. Handling fee applies to online and phone sales. SOLD OUT

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