Broadcast from Lincoln Center in NYC!

Hurry, hurry! — Fly away to the magical ring, to the circus — to the BIG APPLE CIRCUS! — where an All-New Show — METAMORPHOSIS — with astonishing acts and startling transformations will transport you to a realm of enchantment under the Big Top! The BIG APPLE CIRCUS soars on wings of artifice and illusion to a dreamscape domain where nothing is impossible!

For the first time in its 37 year history, New York’s original one-ring circus will beam a performance, METAMORPHOSIS, a new show for all ages, into hundreds of movie theaters across the US, Canada, and around the world. METAMORPHOSIS features performers from the U.S., Russia, France and Mongolia, in an array of classical circus artistry such as clowning, juggling, acrobatics and equestrianism (with completely animal-friendly acts).  Cinemas audiences will experience a very intimate live circus with a very family-friendly program, targeted for kids 3 years old and up.

Appearing before your very eyes: The thrilling flyers of the trapeze, swooping and swirling through circus skies! The razzle-dazzle of the rolla-bolla, an act that teeters right on the edge of equilibrium! The dynamo of the diabolo, the whirling double–tops of the Big Top! An aerial space-age acrobatic adventure — an ascent to amazement! The risky rhythms of the Risley team, twisting and turning, topsy-turvy! The cadenzas of camels and horses, and the exuberance of playful pooches, out to dazzle with delight! The cunning conjurors of the quick-change act, defying belief and inspiring awe! The incredible flexible limbs of the contortionist in an act that will literally bend your imagination! And Francesco the Clown, captivating the crowd with his musical merriment and gentle humor. Under the direction of maestro Rob Slowik, the renowned Big Apple Band provides as always the live and glorious tunes of the sawdust spectacular. And finally, our irrepressible, magnificent Ringmaster, the illustrious and incomparable John Kennedy Kane will summon the spirits of the circus universe to immerse you in the wonder, the joy and the astounding magic of METAMORPHOSIS!

DOORS OPEN AT 11:30am for Circus fun and surprises!

Approximate running time: 2 hours with a 15 min intermission

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Old-Fashioned Fun...The Circus you’d like your child to remember. - Associated Press

Jaw Dropping...Awe‐Inspiring...a one‐ring wonder - The Washington Post

A Buoyant Feast of Universal’s hard not to be amazed. -The New York Times

America’s Best Circus for children - Parents Magazine

Stunning, Fast Paced, Breathtaking - Boston Globe

Intoxicating, Awe‐Inspiring...old fashioned entertainment - Boston Herald

If laughter is the music of the soul, the Big Apple Circus is a 100‐piece orchestra - Newsweek

THE BIG APPLE CIRCUS is a not-for-profit performing arts institution, founded in 1977 to introduce American audiences to the intimate environment of a one-ring circus under a Big Top Tent. Since its inception, THE BIG APPLES CIRCUS has produced thirty-six original shows, each created around a specific theme integrating aspects of traditional theater (e.g. original music compositions, lighting, choreography, sets and costumes) with classical circus artistry. A small core company of performers returns each year with new acts and are joined by guest artists selected from the top ranks of international circus stars. THE BIG APPLE CIRCUS presents over 350 performances each season with attendance of over 450,000 annually.

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Show Dates & Times:

11/8/14 - Saturday

12:30 pm,

$12.50/Adult, $7.50/Children 12 and Under. ON SALE NOW!

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