Brittany Runs A Marathon

Brittany Forgler is a hilarious, friendly, hot mess of a New Yorker who always knows how to have a good time, but at 27, her late-night adventures and early-morning walks-of-shame are starting to catch up to her. When she stops by a Yelp-recommended doctor's office in an attempt to score some Adderall, she finds herself slapped with a prescription she never wanted. Forced to face reality for the first time in a long time, Brittany laces up her Converse and runs one sweaty block. The next day, she runs two. Soon she runs a mile. Brittany finally has direction--but is she on the right path?

Directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo
Starring Jillian Bell, Jennifer Dundas, Patch Darragh
USA | R | 1h 44min | 2019

Show Dates & Times:

10/11/19 - Friday

5:30 pm,
8:00 pm,

10/12/19 - Saturday

5:30 pm,
8:00 pm,

10/13/19 - Sunday

5:30 pm,

10/14/19 - Monday

7:00 pm,

10/15/19 - Tuesday

1:00 pm,
7:00 pm,

10/16/19 - Wednesday

7:00 pm,

10/17/19 - Thursday

7:00 pm,

$9/ Adults
$8/ Seniors, Under 12, Matinees, Mondays
$7/ Strand Members

Available at the box office 30 min. prior to show time

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