Casey Abrams

You've seen him on American Idol and Post Modern Jukebox!

24-year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and American Idol finalist Casey Abrams brings his jazz/rock/blues tunes to the Strand stage!

Casey’s story is that of a born natural, but it’s also the story of a person who studied diligently and worked extremely hard, striving toward his dream of a life in music. He was born in Austin, Texas to professionally accomplished, extraordinarily creative parents. The walls of Casey’s childhood home resonated with, “the music of the 1950s and ‘60s,” he states. Even then, he was “hearing those blues riffs and little things that make a song what it is.”

Casey tried out for American Idol in Austin. “I had a heart attack when they chose me,” Casey recalls. “I was like: this is the ticket. As soon as I got that foot in the door I knew I could make it. I was so happy.”


Not too long afterwards, he found himself in London recording his debut album. “It was the best experience, so fun,” he enthuses of being in London, working with producer Martin Terefe. "It didn’t feel like I was making an album, just having a good time, hanging out and making and writing music with friends. London’s just such a creative place.” Casey's second album, Tales from the Gingerbread House," was released in January 2106.

Casey Abrams toured with Postmodern Jukebox in 2015.


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Postmodern Jukebox, an ongoing musical project spearheaded by pianist and arranger Scott Bradlee, who takes contemporary pop and rock tunes and fashions new arrangements for them that cast them in an unpredictable variety of musical styles from the past. He and a rotating cast of musicians and vocalists performed a new song each week. In 2013, Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox channel was created to release both videos and albums based on his playful fun-house covers. By 2015, Bradlee had made over 130 Postmodern Jukebox clips available online, and he and his crew were taking the show on the road, touring in North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Show Dates & Times:

5/7/16 - Saturday

7:30 pm,

$15/Adv, $18/Door. On Sale Now!

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