Chadwick Stokes and The Pintos

With opener Brooke Annibale

Since forming his first band with two college friends in 1996, Chadwick Stokes has paved a path of independence, advocacy and social consciousness that's impacted every aspect of his artistic life. In addition to fronting the bands State Radio and Dispatch, Stokes is also a co-founder of Calling All Crows, a non-profit dedicated to bringing bands and fans together to create change through hands-on service and activism.

Politics and social issues have heavily influenced his work as a solo artist and with State Radio. Stokes’ passion for these topics also exists within some of Dispatch’s music, such as protest songs “Dear Congress” and “Letter to Lady J”, both songs off new release "Location 13." This collection of songs is the band’s follow-up to their 2017 album "America, Location 12." Stokes has toured around the country this summer with Dispatch, accompanied by Nahko and Medicine for the People, with Calling All Crows volunteer projects on every stop of the tour including the Here For The Music Campaign, combating sexual harassment in the music industry.


Contemporary folk singer-songwriter Brooke Annibale released her first full-length album at age 17. In her most recent release, Hold to the Light, "songs flow into one another, painting a sonic portrait that is catchy as it is thoughtful. Here Annibale transcends the labels of folk, indie rock and pop to make music that is entirely of her own creation. There is euphoria, elation, sadness, and reflection all layered throughout, and it hardly feels like a stretch to imagine Annibale enchanting an audience at Coachella with the poppier tunes on the album, which bring to mind a more intellectual version of Haim." (Glide Magazine)

Show Dates & Times:

1/17/19 - Thursday

7:30 pm,

$30/Advance, $35/Door

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