MLK Day - Free Community Screening

Mighty Times: The Children's March reveals a never-before-told chapter in the Civil Rights movement, focusing on more than 4,000 black schoolchildren who deserted classrooms in Birmingham, AL, on May 2, 1963, touching off a week of mass demonstrations and rioting that shocked the nation and rocked the world. On that day, children flooded the city's streets — and the city's jail — to challenge segregation. With dogs and fire hoses, police tried to stop them. Yet, in ways their parents could not, the children prevailed, defying the police intimidation that long had plagued Birmingham's black community.

This Academy-award winning film was created by the Southern Poverty Law Center. "The Children's March is a beacon of hope for young people who see and experience social problems and feel disempowered," said Jennifer Holladay, director of the Center's tolerance programs.

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Directed by Robert Houston

Starring Dominique Alexis, Rico E. Anderson, Josh Evans

USA | 2004 | NR | 40 min

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Show Dates & Times:

1/18/16 - Monday

1:00 pm,

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