A CLIMATE OF CHANGE: 4 Short Films produced by the Island Institute

The effects of Climate Change on the fishing industry

Across the nation, fishermen and scientists are observing notable shifts in the ocean ecosystem and dramatic changes on the water. This series of four short films examines how the fishing industry is dealing with climate change, including warming waters, lack of biodiversity, and ocean acidification. The fourth film introduces shellfish aquaculture as an example of economic diversification for fishing communities.  The films take place in Maine, Alaska, and Florida, and were produced by the Island Institute’s Scott Sell.

Panel discussion to follow.

The ISLAND INSTITUTE works to sustain Maine’s island and remote coastal communities. Their core program areas—including economic development, education, community energy, marine resources, and media—are driven by the requests of community members themselves. Their commitment to the islands of Maine includes sharing what works among these diverse communities and beyond.

Show Dates & Times:

8/12/16 - Friday

5:30 pm,

$15/General Admission, $10/Island Institute Members, $5/Students

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