Club d'Elf / Tom Ulichny CD Release

World Groove/ Moroccan Trance/ Live Looping/ Fusion Jazz

CLUB D’ELF is an ever-shifting group of musicians fiercely dedicated to "the groove," revolving around the foundation of bassist and leader Mike Rivard. Consisting of some of the most sought-after players from the jazz, DJ, rock & world music scenes of Boston & NYC, each show features a different line-up, with Rivard and drummer Dean Johnston at the core. Guitars, turntables, Fender Rhodes, laptops, horns, tablas and all manner of exotic instruments flow in and out of the mix, along with guests such as John Medeski & Billy Martin (MMW), DJ LogicMarc RibotSkerik, and Marco Benevento, creating a unique experience for every performance. Informed as much by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick's ideas of shifting reality and parallel universes as by Miles Davis & Fela Kuti, the band draws inspiration from many sources, including neo-psychedelic avatar Terence McKenna and avant comedy show Mr Show

Formed in 1998 by Rivard with the encouragement of Morphine's Mark Sandman (who guested with the group until his death in '99), the music draws from a startlingly wide spectrum of styles, including jazz, hip hop, electronica, avant garde, prog-rock and dub. Over the course of its 14 year history d'Elf has toured Japan five times and played clubs and festivals throughout the North and Southeast US. Equally at home playing late-night festival sets for the rave/Burner crowd as it is for a predominately Arabic audience (as it did at the 2007 Festival Du Monde de Arabe in Montreal), boundaries melt away and all are drawn into the intoxicating power of the d'Elf groove.

 "One of the most inventive and ever-changing bands in all of new jazz...The songs are great, the playing superb, the variety obvious but the main thing is that the spirit of the music is so strong and unique. There is simply not another band like Club d’Elf on the planet." - Russ Davis, Jazz America

"Sounds like the lovechild of Pink Floyd and George Clinton, dropped in Marrakesh...some deeply psychedelic music." - Marlon Bishop, WNYC

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Join solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Tom Ulichny, who will be kicking off his album release on October 1st with an evening of world groove, fusion jazz, Moroccan trance, and experimental folk.

Multi-instrumentalist Tom Ulichny graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he studied guitar, drums, and world percussion. He spent a semester in Pune, India, studying Indian rhythmic systems and tabla under Rajeev Devasthali in 2004, and has spent the last ten years experimenting with a more contemporary application of the tabla, kanjira, djembe, frame drum, and ghatam.

His passion for both percussion and stringed instruments led him to live looping, which allows him to record instantly while performing and build complex layers of melody, harmony, and rhythm. On October 1st, 2015, Ulichny will release his debut album, "Lately,” recorded at Anchour Studios, which emphasizes a natural analog sound that closely mimics the live experience.

Drawing from influences as diverse as old school slide and fingerpicking blues, Americana, traditional Hindustani and Carnatic music, experimental folk singer Andrew Bird and Afropop artist Oliver Mtukudzi, Ulichny’s music is equal parts warm soul and audio science.

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Show Dates & Times:

10/1/15 - Thursday

7:00 pm,

$18/General Admission. ON SALE NOW

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