Dirty Dozen Brass Band

The World Famous Music Machine!

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band's name is synonymous with genre-bending romps and high-octane performances! They have reinvented the New Orleans brass band by also embracing be-bop, funk, and rhythm-and-blues. Their arrangements are crisply focused and their music sounds at home in a club as well as on the march! 

The band got it's start in 1977 as a traditional Crescent City brass band at the Dirty Dozen Social And Pleasure Club in New Orleans. Social Aid Clubs dated back over a century to a time when black southerners could rarely afford life insurance; members would pay dues, and the clubs would provide proper funeral arrangements when the time came. Brass bands would often follow the funeral procession, playing somber dirges; once the family of the deceased was out of earshot, the band often burst into jubilant dance tunes as casual onlookers danced in the streets. By the late 1970’s, the original purpose of the Social Aid Clubs evolved from that of burial society to Pleasure Club gatherings for parties and parades.  The Dirty Dozen Social and Pleasure Club assembled a house band, and over the course of their early gigs, the seven-member ensemble adopted the venue’s name: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

The Dirty Dozen now tour constantly in the U.S. and 30 other countries, and have been featured guests on albums by David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Dr. John, Widespread Panic, Modest Mouse, Dave Matthews Band and the Black Crowes. The band currently consists of Gregory Davis (trumpet, flugelhorn), Roger Lewis (baritone, soprano sax), Kevin Harris (tenor saxophone), Efrem Towns (trumpet, flugelhorn), Kirk Joseph (sousaphone), Terence Higgins (drums) and Kyle Roussel (keyboard).

They hurl styles together with cavalier optimism, play with relentless bravura, and have zero patience for navel-gazing of any sort. - The Guardian, London 

Whether you experience the Dozen on stage or on the street, they are guys anyone would feel lucky to meet in this lifetime. The music that comes through as they perform, resonates with feelings of familiarity, uniqueness, humor and daring – all at once, all the time. - John Bell of Widespread Panic 

Throughout these new pieces, the ensemble horn work...is, as it has always been, stunning. The solos, particularly by Lewis and Harris, sizzle and pop and drive these tunes with tremendous intensity. - Living Blues 

Brass-band music used to be a singular strain of New Orleans's cultural heritage. It was defined by its free-wheeling polyphony, its repertory of dirges and stomps and its appearance primarily at parades and funerals. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band has changed everything but the instrumentation to reinvent a modern omnivorous brass-band music that embraces be-bop, funk, and rhythm-and-blues. The arrangements are crisply focused and the music sounds at home in a club as well as on the march. Yet for all the changes, the Dirty Dozen has retained an essential part of the tradition - their performance still conveys a sense of communal jubilation. - New York Times 

Show Dates & Times:

8/19/16 - Friday

7:30 pm,

$35/Adv, $40/Door, + Handling fee for web and phone orders

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