Each morning Donya (Anaita Wali Zada) leaves her tight-knit community of Afghan immigrants in Fremont, California. She crosses the Bayto work at a family-run fortune cookie factory in San Francisco. Donya drifts through her routine, struggling to connect with the cultureand people of her new, unfamiliar surroundings while processing complicated feelings about her past as a translator for the U.S.government in Afghanistan. Unable to sleep, she finagles her way into a regular slot with a therapist (Gregg Turkington) who grasps for prospective role models. 

When an unexpected promotion at work thrusts Donya into the position to write her own story, she communicates her loneliness and longing through a concise medium: the fortunes inside each cookie. 

Donya’s koans travel, making ahumble social impact and expanding her world far beyond Fremont and her turbulent past, including an encounter with a quiet automechanic (Jeremy Allen White) who could stand to see his own world expanded. 

Tenderly sculpted and lyrically shot in black-and-white,Babak Jalali’s FREMONT is a wry, deadpan vision of the universal longing for home.


USA | 2023 | 1h 31m

Directed by Babak Jalali

Starring Anaita Wali Zada, Hilda Schmelling, Avis See-tho

In English and Chinese (Cantonese) with English subtitles

Show Dates & Times:

10/15/23 - Sunday

5:30 pm,

10/16/23 - Monday

7:00 pm,

10/17/23 - Tuesday

1:00 pm,
7:00 pm,

10/18/23 - Wednesday

7:00 pm,

TICKETS available at the box office 30 min. prior to show time

$9/ Adults
$8/ Seniors, Under 12, Matinees, Mondays
$7/ Strand Members

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