A funny, melancholy and ultimately uplifting story of a 58-year-old woman, looking for company, romance and perhaps even love

Set in Santiago, the story is centered on Gloria, a free-spirited 58-year-old divorcée. Her children have all left home but she has no desire to spend her days and nights alone. Determined to defy old age and loneliness, she rushes headlong into a whirl of singles’ parties on the hunt for instant gratification – which just leads repeatedly to disappointment and emptiness. But then she meets Rodolfo (Hernández), an ex-naval officer seven years her senior to whom she feels romantically inclined. She even begins to imagine a permanent relationship. However, the encounter presents unexpected challenges and Gloria gradually finds herself being forced to confront her own dark secrets.

Directed by: Sebastián Lelio.  Starring: Paulina García, Sergio Hernández, Diego Fontecilla

Spanish with English subtitles

Chile | 2013 | R | 110 min

Funny, melancholy and ultimately uplifting, Sebastian Lelio's enormously satisfying spell inside the head and heart of a middle-aged woman never puts a foot wrong. - Hollywood Reporter

Not to miss. Paulina Garcia is amazing. - New York Times

Marvelously directed by Sebastian Lelio and beautifully led by a powerful performance from Paulina Garcia, Gloria takes an honest, sweetly poignant look at a type of character that's all too often neglected in Hollywood. - Rotten Tomatoes

It’s hard to imagine anyone with a heart and a brain not responding to the quiet delights and stunning intimacy of Chilean director Sebastian Lelio’s account of the personal evolution of a 58-year-old divorcee, played with scrupulous honesty and intelligence by the wonderful Paulina Garcia - Hollywood Reporter

A delightfully astute and compassionate delve into the life of a 58 year-old divorcee looking for company, romance and perhaps even love, director Sebastián Lelio’s engaging, amusing and oddly uplifting Gloria is a film that will strike a chord with audiences of a certain age. It is driven by a quite wonderful performance from Paulina Garcia, who should snag best actress awards at every festival the film plays at. - Screen International

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Show Dates & Times:

3/14/14 - Friday

5:30 pm,
8:00 pm,

3/15/14 - Saturday

5:30 pm,
8:00 pm,

3/16/14 - Sunday

5:30 pm,

3/17/14 - Monday

7:00 pm,

3/18/14 - Tuesday

1:00 pm,
7:00 pm,

3/20/14 - Thursday

7:00 pm,

$8.50/Adults, $7.50/Students, Seniors, Matinees, Mondays

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