A lie this big only works if everyone pitches in

Comedy set in the small harbor of Tickle Cove. Brendan Gleeson is Murray, a once proud fisherman who now, along with his former colleagues in Tickle Head are out of work and forced to live off welfare. Prohibited from fishing enough to make a living and the community spirit having faded a long time ago, the Mayor comes up with a dazzling plan - a giant corporation need a location to build a factory and Tickle Head could be just the right place. But there's just one problem - in order to qualify, they must have a doctor in residence. Which they don't have. When the Mayor leaves the harbour and takes a job at the airport, he fortuitously stumbles upon Paul Lewis, an American cricket fanatic and more importantly a doctor, who he convinces to do a one month stint as the local physician. To encourage Paul to commit to the job for the required 5 years by the Corporation, the townsfolk acquaint themselves with his favourite sport with hilarious consequences, tap his phone to discern his likes/dislikes and do everything in their power to make him feel at home. What ensues is an all-out seduction with Murray enthusiastically encouraging the elaborate deception that will be his only way back to an honest job and a happier way of life.

Directed by Don McKellar

Starring Taylor Kitsch, Brendan Gleeson, Liane Balaban


Canada | 2013 | PG-13 | 113 min

Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role


A delightful cinematic gem. - John Hanlon Reviews

So intricately plotted and unlikely that it verges on the exotic, "The Grand Seduction" is nevertheless a hoot. - Seattle Times    

The cast is superbly chosen and the specificity of the sense of place lends weight to the storyline, its exquisite, pristine beauty and its precariousness. - Beliefnet     

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Show Dates & Times:

7/20/14 - Sunday

5:30 pm,

7/21/14 - Monday

7:00 pm,

7/22/14 - Tuesday

1:00 pm,

$8.50/Adults, $7.50/12 and under, Seniors, Matinees, Mondays

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