HOLLERFEST 2: Darlingside, The Ghost of Paul Revere, and The Ballroom Thieves

Joined by special guest the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra


With a quartet of distinct voices clustered around a single microphone, DARLINGSIDE effortlessly draw audiences into their lush, dynamic musical world. The band’s sound, characterized by classical strings, tight vocal arrangements, bluegrass and rock instrumentation, and smart lyricism, is the product of complete collaboration among the four close friends. The group has no frontman; instead, lead vocals are traded from moment to moment, and each song features a new combination of instruments and textures, pulling heavily from folk, retro-pop, barbershop, and chamber music.

Dave (bassist and former street musician), Don (guitarist, banjoist, and former boy alto), Auyon (classical violinist who studied mandolin in Ireland and Brazil) and Harris (classical cellist and guitarist) met and sang together as students at Williams College. Together, they are “a powerhouse of vocal, instrumental, and performing talent,” and their expansive sound is “aston­ish­ingly more con­gru­ent than the sum of its parts.”

Darlingside’s collaborative work with fellow Massachusetts-native Heather Maloney, which culminated in the 2014 Signature Sounds release “Woodstock,” garnered attention from both The New York Times and The Boston Globe. This summer, the band will step onto the national stage with appearances at High Sierra in Quincy, CA, Sisters Folk Festival in Sisters, OR, and Four Corners Folk in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Darlingside are doing something new in pop music [...] ground the Beach Boys, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Prince, Phish and Radiohead didn’t cover.The Boston Herald

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Born of the waters of the Saco River, brothers in all but name, the GHOST OF PAUL REVERE is Maine's holler-folk band. Building their songs around powerful three-part harmonies, energetic performances, and a non-traditional way of interpreting traditional American music, THE GHOST draws from a broad array of influences including Elmore James and the Beatles, to Tom Waits and more. The GHOST writes powerful songs, built on melody and energy, designed to be performed with passion. From folk to foot-stomping bluegrass, the songs have unique identities while still remaining undeniably the GHOST OF PAUL REVERE. Their live show has quickly attained legendary status, with fans traveling from the most remote corners of Maine to catch the band on their way up.

The GHOST was formed in 2012 around childhood friends Max Davis, Sean McCarthy, and Griffin Sherry, along with Matt Young. In that short time they have played from Fort Kent to New York City in everything from houses, churches, music halls, and even sail boats. Their critically acclaimed debut EP, "North", was recorded in late 2011, released in the summer of 2012, and quickly became one of the best selling local albums in Maine and New Hampshire for 2013. In August 2013, the group went into the studio with Jonathan Wyman to record their first full length album.  "Believe", released in January 2014 quickly went on to hit the Billboard Northeast chart and continues to be the best selling local album in Maine. A live album of their sold out "Believe" release party from Port City Music Hall is slated for release in fall 2014.

Robustly played, masterful amalgamation of bluegrass, folk, and gospel for the Millennial Generation... The Ghost of Paul Revere prove that superior roots music can come from anywhere. - No Depression

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With a slow, deliberate build, the BALLROOM THIEVES make their presence known onstage immediately as the first chord is struck, transforming any size room, whether it be a large ballroom or a small club, into a remarkably intimate environment.

Formed in 2011, the BALLROOM THIEVES take the sincere, narrative blueprint of folk music and infuse it with the attitude of rock, the soul of blues, and the sweat and fervor of a revival tent. That spirit makes its way into both their recorded music as well as their live performances, as Martin Earley (guitar, vocals), Devin Mauch (percussion, vocals), and Calin Peters (cello, vocals) attack their instruments and harmonies with the same energy onstage as in the studio.

Garnering regional and national acclaim for both of their releases to date, 2012’s "The Devil And The Deep," and 2013’s self-titled EP, the THIEVES have been branching out from their native Boston. Their energy, passion, and songwriting craft earning them national touring spots with established bands such as the Lone Bellow, Dispatch, Little Green Cars, the Wheeler Brothers, and Houndmouth, among others.

Three unique voices separate and intertwine to emit one call, channeling sounds from the Delta and bits of old Gospel guises and transcends this Boston trio’s urban roots. - Audiotree


The MAINE YOUTH ROCK ORCHESTRA is a program in part with the Maine Academy of Modern Music that provides orchestral string students ages 12-18 the opportunity to work along side and perform with Maine-based bands and artists in an alternative setting. Beginning in December 2013, MYRO has achieved strong recognition across New England as a revolutionary youth orchestra program, and is the only one of its kind in the nation. Maine Youth Rock Orchestra has the privilege of working with artists such as Spose, The Ballroom Thieves, Lyle Divinsky, The Ghost of Paul Revere, The Mallett Brothers Band, and many others from Maine and New England. MYRO is currently based out of Portland and continues to grow as an educational ensemble for students to be expressive and creative with their musical talents, providing opportunities that students would otherwise never experience.

The Strand Lobby and Balcony Bars will be open for 21+
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Show Dates & Times:

11/22/14 - Saturday

8:00 pm,

$18/Advance, $23/Day of Show. General Admission. ON SALE NOW!

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