Alt-country Son Volt's singer-songwriter, on solo tour!

Jay Farrar's musical style ranges from sparse, unaccompanied folk music to full rock and roll band arrangements comparable to Neil Young or Dinosaur Jr. His solo recordings also often include sound experiments, reminiscent of psychedelia, with a distinctly Eastern bent. One of the hallmarks of his sound is the use of alternate tunings on the guitar. Beyond his established talents as a songwriter, he is a guitarist, harmonicist, and a vocalist.

With a keen pop ear, Jay Farrar helped form two of alt-country's great pioneer bands, Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt, and popularized the alt-country movement of the 1990s. He also launched a solo career during the following decade, making it plain that his musical ambitions stretched far beyond the retro-leaning twang of his contemporaries. Farrar’s work often seeks out the ghosts of America’s discordant or forgotten past, converses at length with them, and writes songs that stake a claim to a better future.

For many years, Farrar’s songwriting has been inspired and influenced by Jack Kerouac’s compositional style. He called upon this inspiration when collaborating with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) to write the songs for One Fast Move Or I’m Gone (2009), by pulling passages directly from Kerouac’s novel Big Sur and putting them to music. These songs were then used in the documentary about Kerouac of the same name.

In 2011, Farrar hooked up with My Morning Jacket's Yim Yames, Centro-Matic's Will Johnson, and Varnaline's Anders Parker to record an album of previously unrecorded Woody Guthrie lyrics, New Multitudes, released in early 2012. (His love for Guthrie also inspired a custom guitar made by Creston Lea of Vermont, made from artifacts Farrar gathered from the site of Guthrie's childhood home.)

And opening for Jay Farrar ....


An oft overlooked gem of the UK Americana scene,  alt-country rock singer/songwriter Peter Bruntnell is a charismatic performer known for saying very little, but having a strong presence. He has a bizarre musical taste in his native southwest England, for country music isn't necessarily favored, but Bruntnell does his own thing and has been since the early '90s when his recording career began to take shape. He  has recoded 10 albums, and in 2013 announced the release of Retrospective – a collection of tracks spanning his twenty year career. Bruntnell has toured regularly with Son Volt.

One of the finest songwriters in Britain. - The Independent

His songs should be taught in schools. - NME




Honky Tonk, Son Volt's latest album, has just been released (2013); the album features eleven new Son Volt songs that are inspired by the classic honky tonk sound of Bakersfield, CA.... Jay Farrar has always been a keen observer of the American landscape: its beauties and its tragedies, salvations and poisons. It’s a perspective that’s been hard-won by steady touring and travel through this nation, and Farrar’s almost two-decades of song-writing and perfroming have only deepened and sharpened his gift for capturing the sights and sounds of his American journey – a gift which is in evidence once again on Honky Tonk. From Farrar's website: After all, few places are as quintessentially American as the honky tonks where neon beckons to lonely and discontented souls with the promise that sorrows can be drowned in whiskey, cigarettes and a timeless music in which the clear hard truths of its lyrics mine the emotional complexities of life and love as fiddle and pedal steel sweetly commiserate. Bandleader Farrar observes, “Honky tonk music is about heartache, heartbreak, the road.” Honky Tonk stays true to what’s so appealing about honky tonk music, while stretching out its familiar contours into new shapes and spaces.

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