When Joshua Davis performed on NBC’s “The Voice,” America at-large finally discovered what Michiganders have known for more than two decades. This amazing artist connects with a live audience, nourishes their souls and feeds off of their love. Seeing him live has always revealed his core, his essence. Joshua remains a quintessentially Michigan guy, drawing his inspiration from the rough-and-tumble streets of Motown to the arboreal Upper Peninsula. 

Speaking or singing, Joshua Davis's voice is weathered and warm. As a songwriter, bandleader, guitarist, and vocalist, he has invested himself in the American musical diaspora -- exploring the common thread connecting folk, blues, jazz, ragtime, and country forms. 


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“My sound is rooted in the folk tradition,” Joshua explains, “but it’s not folk music. Terms like Americana, roots rock, and heartland rock come up, but there’s so much more to it than that. I’m not a purist: I play with that American folk lineage, I play with those metaphors.” His versatility and ravenous musical curiosity has resulted in a divergent and fervent output of albums. 

Joshua is currently touring in support of “Live From The Robin.”  His first solo effort captures his essence in a way that pares his songs down to their emotional, musical and lyrical roots.  Recorded over the span of two nights, this documents a raw and revealing glimpse of an artist who has his finger on the pulse of a culture, a culture that lives, loves and laughs, cries, mourns and heals.  Joshua’s authenticity plucks all of the right heartstrings, soars on the updrafts, and plumbs the depths of the human experience. This is a deep and warm conversation with a room full of old friends. “I’ve wanted to make this album for years” says Davis.  “And I’m so excited to share it. I love playing solo shows. It allows me the freedom to dig deep into my songs and really be in the moment with the audience.”

Show Dates & Times:

2/25/23 - Saturday

7:30 pm,

$18/Day of Show

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