JUBILEE RIOTS - formerly Enter the Haggis

Electric. Eclectic. Celtic. Made in Canada.

“That’s what folk music is, music of the people. Whether we’re writing rock songs or whether we’re writing country songs, part of what keeps them in the vein of folk music is that it’s music about people.” - Brian Buchanan

Northern roots band JUBILEE RIOTS, formerly ENTER THE HAGGIS (and returning to that name in December 2015!), have consistently pushed the envelope of musical exploration with their evolving fusion of indie rock, folk and world music. Their catchy, innovative songs have pop hooks and a definitive Celtic sound. The five band members, Brian Buchanan, Craig Downie, Trevor Lewington, Mark Abraham, and Bruce McCarthy meld guitars, keyboards, and percussion with the fiddle, highland bagpipes, trumpet, octave mandolin, whistle and harmonica.

The band is very much centered around telling stories that resonate with truth and authenticity, as is evidenced by their latest outing “Penny Black.” Inspired by years of touring, meeting people and sharing stories over late night drinks at the bar with fans, the band put out the call for people around the world to submit their stories as inspiration for their upcoming album.

“There were all sorts of letters,” shares bass play Mark Abraham. “Some were dark and anonymous and difficult to read but many were funny or embarassing; the kind of life events that happen to all of us.”

“There were a lot of common themes,” vocalist and songwriter Trevor Lewington shares. “You start to see that not only does everyone have their own stories but there are some common themes that run through all our our lives and sometimes those similarities can actually connect people who wouldn’t have guessed they had anything in common.”

As ENTER THE HAGGIS, the band released seven studio albums and toured internationally, landing high profile gigs on “Live with Regis and Kelly” and A&E’s “Breakfast with the Arts,” as well as being the feature of a concert/documentary on PBS. With a new album and new name the band hopes to build on this legacy and has an extensive tour lined up taking them through Canada, the US and to Europe.

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Show Dates & Times:

11/20/15 - Friday

7:30 pm,

$15/Advance, $18/Day of Show, General Admission. ON SALE NOW!

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