MJFF: Family, Art and Loss: Broken Branches and The Art of Spiegelman

Maine Jewish Film Festival

This program features two films with a focus on family, art and the experience of the Holocaust.

Broken Branches

Broken Branches is an animated documentary about loss, family and hope. Michal Rechter was only 14 years old when, on the eve of the Second World War, she left her family in Poland and travelled to Israel, never to see her family again.  Now, at the age of 92, she tells her story to her granddaughter, the film’s director, who brings her grandmother’s memories to life in beautifully animated art.

Directed by Ayala Sharot

NR | 2014 | Israel | 25 min

In Hebrew w/ English Subtitles


The Art of Spiegelman Documentary

A fascinating look at the visionary who took underground comics into the mainstream and won a Pulitzer for Maus.  Reflecting on childhood memories and his sometimes controversial work, Spiegelman is frank about the pleasures and difficulties of success, the depression that followed his new-found celebrity after the publication of Maus and his ongoing anxiety about when he will get his next idea.

Directed by Clara Kuperberg, Joëlle Oosterlinck

NR | 2010 | France | 43 min

In French with English subtitles


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Show Dates & Times:

3/17/19 - Sunday

3:00 pm,

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