National Theatre At Home: THE DEEP BLUE SEA

A flat in Ladbroke Grove, West London. 1952.

When Hester Collyer (Helen McCrory) is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, the story of her tempestuous affair with a former RAF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to a High Court judge begins to emerge. With it comes a portrait of need, loneliness and long-repressed passion.

Behind the fragile veneer of post-war civility burns a brutal sense of loss and longing.

More information can be found on the National Theatre at Home web page.

This show will be available on the National Theatre YouTube Channel.


To provide some entertainment for theatre fans while they're not able to visit their venues, National Theatre will release one of their past recorded-live titles each week. Each play will be available to watch on YouTube for one week, starting on a Thursday at 2pm (7pm UK time)

Show Dates & Times:

7/9/20 - Thursday

(All day),

7/10/20 - Friday

(All day),

7/11/20 - Saturday

(All day),

7/12/20 - Sunday

(All day),

7/13/20 - Monday

(All day),

7/14/20 - Tuesday

(All day),

7/15/20 - Wednesday

(All day),

7/16/20 - Thursday

(All day),
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