Three fiddling traditions in a dazzling collaboration!

The NORDIC FIDDLERS BLOC is Olav Luksengård Mjelva, Anders Hall and Kevin Henderson who come from Norway, Sweden and the Shetland Islands respectively.

They are three of the finest young fiddlers currently working in the folk music scene and are in great demand playing in various musical constellations throughout the world.

The project is the brainchild of Anders Hall who felt that combining the three unique distinctive fiddle styles together would create a special sound. Sweden’s Anders plays viola and fiddle, Shetlander Kevin sticks to the fiddle, while Norway’s Olav handles octave fiddle and the resonant stringed Hardanger fiddle. Anders' hunch proved to be correct after first exchanging musical thoughts with each other in Voss, Norway in May 2009.

From the first note that was played they realised this was a collaboration that had to continue -- such was the feeling of excitement and respect for each other’s playing and traditions. Norway, Sweden and Shetland have three of the richest fiddling traditions in the world, as well as many well documented historical links going back hundreds of years.

The band have blended three individual styles from these three Nordic regions, but still allow their three distinct flavours to come through in a sound that is unique, meaningful, intense and invigorating.

They are working on a new album, to be released in 2015.

Not just for fiddle heads, the dense, rich harmony and pulsing cross-rhythms of this trio are endlessly varied, powerful and beautiful... producing a shimmering display of accurately pitched, highly skilled musical accomplishment. - The Scotsman

Three incredibly accomplished young fiddlers...each having received accolades from the international folk scene in their own right. Each Nordic Bloc players’ unique style and sound is complimented by the others’ and their chosen instruments....Collecting and reviving tunes from the shared tradition and history of the North Atlantic regions is a prominent theme.By reuniting the shetland fiddle with its  neighbours, the Nordic Fiddlers’s Bloc beautifully illustrates the cultural ties between people in the North Atlantic regions while the introduction of modern influences opens up the genre to a much wider audience. - Orkney News Today

Quite exceptionally exciting fiddle players... Sharing the confident strength and forcefulness of the Nordic style, their playing is dazzling, but the reason they took the Phipps Hall by storm is their masterful, intricate, carefully woven arrangements which introduce so much space, light and shade into the music that it’s hard to believe that it comes from only three fiddles.

Among many delights, a Swedish Polska is given  the rock ‘n’ roll treatment, while ‘Mountain Bird’ is a musical picture, a thing of astonishing beauty. Several encores were loudly – very loudly – demanded, given and savoured before the audience reluctantly allowed the evening to end. -

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4/29/15 - Wednesday

7:30 pm,

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