Patty Griffin is a Grammy-Award winning singer and songwriter whose literate, impressionistic storytelling and richly evocative melodies have made her one of the best-respected artists in the contemporary folk community!

Griffin has achieved great acclaim for her songwriting as well as her powerful voice. Her first two albums, Living With Ghosts and Flaming Red are considered seminal albums in the singer-songwriter genre, while Children Running Though won Best Album and led to her being named Best Artist at the 2007 Americana Music Awards. She won the Grammy for Downtown Church, her 2010 gospel album. Her songs have been covered by a myriad of artists including Emmylou Harris, The Dixie Chicks, Joan Baez and Bette Midler. She was born in Old Town, Maine and resides in Austin, Texas.

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While the songs of Kentucky singer/songwriter Joan Shelley have echoes of both the American and British folk revivals, they are also startlingly original. Her warm mellifluous voice evokes both the deep south and west coast. Over the past five years, Shelley has recorded five albums, toured the globe with her band and on her own. Shelley released her debut “Ginko,” in 2012, followed by “Electric Ursa” in 2014. Her new release, a collaboration with guitarist Nathan Salsburg (Paradise of Bachelors, No Quarter), is titled “Over and Even.” She splits her time between solo outings and as one-third of the old time trio Maiden Radio. Shelley has been praised by Rolling Stone, NPR and Pitchfork, and The New York Times recently wrote that “her music is folky and pastoral, with a sense of scale that makes her humble about her place in mankind and the universe, and her songs are serene but never complacent.”

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