"Pre-Code" Hollywood Film Fest

On a rubber plantation in French Indochina during the monsoon season, the plantation's owner/manager Dennis Carson (Gable), a prostitute named Vantine (Harlow), and Barbara Willis (Astor), the wife of engineer Gary Willis (Gene Raymond) are involved in a love triangle. Carson abandons an informal relationship with Vantine to pursue Barbara, but has a change of heart and returns to Vantine.

Directed by Victor Fleming

Starring Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Gene Raymond, Mary Astor

NR | USA | 1932 | 1h 32m

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About Pre-Code Hollywood Films:
‘Pre-Code’ Hollywood films are movies from the early 1930’s made before the "Hay's Code" imposed film censorship guidelines. 

Between 1930 and 1934, desperately trying to lure depression era broke movie goers into theaters, Hollywood made films full of sex, violence, drinking (during prohibition), and grotesque and shocking material. During this brief period of early talkies and little censorship Hollywood studios created many films that challenged and transcended the "moral" and sexual boundaries of their times.

In 1934, in response to this salacious and perceived "immoral" material, the Legion of Decency was founded with the whole purpose of rating and restricting films for Catholic and Christian movie goers. This spilled over into a pre-MPAA regulatory code called The Motion Picture Production Code (also called the Hays Code). Often complex, and subject to interpretation, it became a game for producers to sneak things past the censors, who would often review scripts before production on a film even started.

Show Dates & Times:

11/13/22 - Sunday

8:00 pm,

TICKETS available at the box office 30 min. prior to show time

$9/ Adults
$8/ Seniors, Under 12
$7/ Strand Members

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