35mm screening, part of JOHN FORD | 125 YEARS: A Statewide Film Festival

Ethan Edwards' niece is captured by Comanches and he sets off with his nephew, half-Indian himself, on a long and bitter search. Slowly he begins to reveal more and more about his motives and ultimate objectives to his wary young companion. “In truly great films--the ones that people need to make, the ones that start speaking through them, the ones that keep moving into territory that is more and more unfathomable and uncomfortable--nothing's ever simple or neatly resolved. You're left with a mystery. In its final moment, The Searchers suddenly becomes a ghost story. Ethan's sense of purpose has been fulfilled and…he's destined to wander forever between the winds” - Martin Scorsese.

Directed by John Ford

Starring John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Mills

USA | 1956 | NR | 119 min

Michael Komanecky, Chief Curator at the Farnsworth Art Museum, will speak after the screening

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Show Dates & Times:

2/2/19 - Saturday

5:30 pm,

$10/General Admission

Advance tickets available at the link below; by calling (207) 594-0070 (M-F, noon - 4pm); or at the box office when the theater is open for shows.

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