Stealing Klimt: Returning Nazi-Appropriated Art to Its Rightful Owner

Lecture and Screening Event presented by the Farnsworth, Adas Yoshuron Synagogue, and the Strand

Lecture by Donald S. Burris, Esq. and screening of Stealing Klimt: The Documentary

Beginning with the initial Blitzkrieg and continuing throughout the duration of World War II, the Nazi authorities implemented a pervasive program for stealing valuable artworks as they overran and ravaged most of Western Europe. The artwork was appropriated from mostly Jewish families in the occupied countries and the amount of art plundered, as you will learn in the course of the lecture, was astronomical.

Such was the fate of Gustav Klimt’s famous painting of "The Woman in Gold," officially titled “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I,” and commissioned by Adele's husband Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer, a wealthy industrialist and supporter of the arts, who shared with his wife a special fondness for Klimt’s work. The Belvedere Palace in Vienna acquired this painting and others from their Nazi holders in 1941 and it remained in the Palace until its status was changed by the American courts in lengthy litigation begun in 1999 that our guest speaker will describe in detail, culminating with the 2004 U.S. Supreme Court ruling entitled Altmann v. Republic of Austria.

Our speaker, Donald S. Burris—an international lawyer and a senior partner at Burris, Schoenberg & Walden—was not only the “other lawyer” working side-by-side with Randy Schoenberg to have Maria Altmann’s historic rights recognized in the Altmann case, but has been the senior partner in the firm working with other “looted art” cases. He will speak about the case and his other fascinating experiences in connection with his ongoing efforts to repatriate artworks, businesses and real estate stolen by the Nazis.

This brief lecture will be followed by the screening of Stealing Klimt. Burris will take questions following the film.

Directed by Jane Chablani

Starring Maria Altmann, Michael J. Bazyler, Hubertus Czernin

UK | 2007 | NR | 92 min


Show Dates & Times:

8/23/17 - Wednesday

5:30 pm,

$20/General Admission, $15/Strand, Farnsworth and Adas Yoshuron Members. Available at:

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