STRAND ON THE AIR: We’ll get through this somehow edition

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Show Dates And Times

04/28 - Sunday
  • 5:00 pm

Broadcast and streamed on WRFR



The Strand On The Air is a presentation of the Strand Theatre, heard over WRFR-LP 93.3 and over the web at! Programs are available after the broadcast for listening on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

Life getting you down? Losing sleep, pacing the floor, wailing desperately in the night? Take heart — the Strand On The Air is back, with its We’ll Get Through This Somehow Special!  Join Liz McLeod, Dan Bookham, Brittany Parker, the Strand Family Players, and musical guests Better Late, from Midcoast Music Academy, for laughs and tunes that are bound to lift your spirits.

The intrepid investigators of All Things Rescinded explore the springtime menace of rampaging squirrels, and speak with a public intellectual who promises that Everything Is Going To Turn Out All Right. And down in Abysmal Point, Mrs. Grunden’s world is shaken to its very roots when an ambitious competitor threatens to give her a run for her clamshells. The Strand on the Air, written and directed by Liz McLeod, is a presentation of the Strand Theatre.