Sumner McKane presents NANOOK OF THE NORTH

Legendary Silent Film with Live Music

This pioneering documentary film released in 1922 depicts the lives of the indigenous Inuit people of Canada's northern Quebec region by following Nanook and his family as they brave, hunt, fish, and live off the beautiful, if unforgiving, frozen landscape of the Great White North. At the time of this filming, there were less than 300 of these nomadic people braving the unthinkable conditions with little-to-nothing to work with. While Inuit culture and ways are bordering on ancient, their story of hope for survival is as fresh and timely as it ever was.

The Sumner McKane Group, a modern instrumental music trio, is performing a live score to accompany the classic silent film. The score, an expansive and expressive original piece of music, was featured on National Public Radio’s “Echoes” program, an ambient music show airing on 150+ terrestrial radio stations. Host John Diliberto has said of the music, “McKane's landscapes are tinged in ambient atmospheres and pulled by an undertow of psychedelia that makes them some of the most unassumingly mind-bending music of the decade... Sumner manages to touch the nostalgic, wistful side of us, without being remotely quaint...”

McKane and bandmates perform throughout the region, bringing innovative multimedia presentations of historical documentary films and dynamic original music scores to diverse settings and audiences. Featured on NPR, and MPBN, McKane has released over a dozen instrumental music CDs and two films, In The Blood and The Maine Frontier. The Sumner McKane Group is based in Maine, with guitarist Sumner McKane, bassist Josh Robbins, and drummer Todd the Rocket Richard residing in Wiscasset, Gardiner, and Westbrook respectively. 

Sumner McKane’s original film and multimedia presentations, In The Blood and The Maine Frontier were performed at the Strand in 2014 and 2015.

Nanook of the North (also known as Nanook of the North: A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic) was produced by Robert J. Flaherty in 1922. The film is not rated. Film running time is 80 minutes.

Show Dates & Times:

1/28/16 - Thursday

7:00 pm,

$10.50/General Admission

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