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THINGS DON'T STAY FIXED follows a worldly photojournalist, Sam Grace (William Gregory Lee, “Mentalist”) as he returns home to the Deep South in an attempt to stop his daughter, Nina (Melissa Saint-Amand, “Ozark”), from marrying and destroying her future. Sam’s return home becomes more telling as he discovers that he’s the one that has been stuck in the past all along. The southern gothic drama highlights the pain of family struggles, while also painting a picture of one’s internal fight to let go of the past and look toward the future.

Directed by Bo Bartlett

Starring William Gregory Lee, Tara Ochs, Brenda Bynum

PG-13 | USA | 2021 | 1h 40min



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$9/ Adults, $8/ Seniors & Under 12, $7/ Strand Members

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Director's Statement

This is my first feature film. It was co-written with playwright Sandra Deer just after I received a Certificate in Filmmaking from NYU in 1986. It took four years to write. It was optioned in Hollywood for a while. Several times I thought it would surely be made back then. But no. So I took a job making a documentary about Andrew Wyeth. That film took five years to complete. When I was finished, I was so inspired by Wyeth, all I wanted to do was paint. Fast forward almost thirty years, I’m living in my childhood home in Georgia.

The film industry has come to the state. So I dust off the old script (which had originally been written on an old Royal typewriter) and set about making the film. The wait served me well. I finally understood what the film was about. I had carried it with me all those years. It haunted me. I knew it so well because it had lived in my imagination for so long. I didn’t doubt anything about it. I owned it. I had lived it. The scenes in the film came from my life... memories and reminiscences. They have been reimagined in archetypal form. Like Jungian dream imagery the scenes unfold and take us on the hero’s journey to his archetypal universal home where he finds the past and present residing... and he must come to terms with them.

My youngest son was born in 1987 as I originally conceived of this story. He passed away seven years ago in 2014 at age 27. I made the film in part to assuage my grief. The film is dedicated to him. He returned to me as I was contemplating finally taking the plunge and starting the film. He said, “everybody is always everywhere”... as difficult as it may be to grok the meaning of this statement... it is in keeping with certain Buddhist principals. 

Everything is always...

The film reinterprets the second law of thermodynamics; reinterprets Yeats and Achebe in a Southern vernacular. Just when we thought we were making progress, the world falls apart. “Things Don’t Stay Fixed”; “we have to keep coming back to them.”

 Sandra Deer is a Southern playwright. Her script captures a place and a time. A whole era of cultural change. The long shadow of the Civil War. A shark. A white cow (like Zeus) stops us in our tracks. Waking us up. Samson opens the gate. Light Man shows us the way. A woman flying through flowers, a father, a daughter, a river, a tree, a dam, draw out the child... irretrievable loss. A bag of souls... a newborn. Everybody is always everywhere. Everything comes full circle. 



Show Dates & Times:

10/1/21 - Friday

8:00 pm,

$9/ Adults
$8/ Seniors, Under 12
$7/ Strand Members

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