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Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, attempts to solve one of the greatest mysteries in all art: How did 17th century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer ("Girl with a Pearl Earring") manage to paint so photo-realistically -- 150 years before the invention of photography? The epic research project Jenison embarks on to test his theory is as extraordinary as what he discovers.                

Spanning eight years, Jenison's adventure takes him to Delft, Holland, where Vermeer painted his masterpieces, on a pilgrimage to the North coast of Yorkshire to meet artist David Hockney, and even to Buckingham Palace to see a Vermeer masterpiece in the collection of the Queen.

Directed by : Teller     Starring: Tim Jenison, Penn Jillette, Colin Blakemore

USA | 2013 | PG-13 | 80 min

A fascinating new documentary about art, obsessions, ideas and answers.Los Angeles Times

Thrilling to watch. Wall Street Journal

What Tim’s Vermeer is really about is two geniuses, of very different sorts, communing across time and space.  – Christian Science Monitor

You might think that following this insanely ambitious DIY project would be like watching paint dry. Wrong. - Minneapolis Star Tribune

You don't even need to care about art to be entertained by this clever, swift documentary. - St. Paul Pioneer Press

The documentary “Tim’s Vermeer” is about many things — art history, technology, painting technique, beauty — but ultimately it’s a beguiling study of fascination. (Or, some might say, obsession.) Tim Jenison, a bearded, genial fellow who modestly refers to himself as “an inventor” (he is, in fact, a key figure in the development of desktop video), has long loved the paintings of the 17th-century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer. Fascinated by how Vermeer managed to achieve such photolike realism and light, Jenison studied the work of art historians who wondered whether the artist used a cameralike device — and determined to use such a technique to paint a “Vermeer” himself, re-creating “The Music Lesson” from a still life reconstructed in a warehouse in San Antonio. - The Seattle Times


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