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In this raomtic comedy set in Farmington, Maine, Hannah struggles to come to peace with the unexpected death of her husband, an almost famous folk singer whose career and life were cut tragically short. She lives a simple life far away from noise and chaos of the city. Both comforted and cursed by the closeness of her small town, Hannah struggles to fill the new void in her life by fixating on the seemingly impossible task of writing the biography of her lost husband – for herself and his fans.

So when Andrew, a cocky New York writer, comes in to town to write a book of his own on her beloved, Hannah quickly runs him and his book out of her town. Andrew is not one to give up easily, and Hannah soon discovers his roughness and assertiveness as a welcome challenge and a surprising change from the smothering concern of her town, friends and family.

Created by Portland, Maine filmmakers Sean Mewshaw and Desi Van Til, TUMBLEDOWN is the story of a woman who must find the courage to let go of her past and the strength to move on to her future.

Filmmakers Sean Mewshaw and Desi Van Til will attend this special screening for Q&A

Directed by: Sean Mewshaw

Written by Sean Mewshaw (story), Desi Van Til (screenplay)

Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Rebecca Hall

USA | 2015 | R | 105 min

First-time director Sean Mewshaw and screenwriter Desi Van Til - they're married - have decided, intriguingly, to craft a movie about loss and letting go. And they've done so with uncommon humor and heart. - Rolling Stone

Tumbledown is a sweetly poignant look at what it means to move on. - Entertainment Weekly

If it's possible to be pastoral and quaint in a brazen, unapologetic way, Mewshaw and Van Til have managed it: Their film is occasionally lovely, occasionally cloying, and always... what's that word? "Romantic." - NPR

"Tumbledown" is like listening to a favorite album on a cold winter's day. - Capital Times

Show Dates & Times:

3/12/16 - Saturday

8:00 pm,

$8.50/Adults, $7.50/Under 12, Seniors

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