Virtual Cinema: THE DOG DOC

Called a maverick, a miracle-worker, and a quack, Dr. Marty Goldstein is a pioneer of integrative veterinary medicine. By holistically treating animals after other vets have given up, Goldstein provides a last hope for pet owners with nothing left to lose. Combining conventional medical training with cutting edge alternative therapies, Dr. Marty’s deeply empathetic philosophy stresses the importance of proactive, integrative healthcare for all living things, rather than merely treating diseases as they appear.

Directed by Cindy Meehl

Starring Marty Goldstein, Jennifer Lenarz-Salcedo, Jaqueline Ruskin
NR | 2019 | USA | 1h 41min



Click here to buy a virtual ticket

In partnership with independent film distribution company Row House Cinema, from April 24 – 30 you’ll be able to purchase a digital screening of THE DOG DOC for $12. You’ll have 3 days to watch the film at home, from a “virtual screening room” created just for Strand Theatre patrons.

With each ticket purchased you’ll provide much-needed support to both the Strand and Row House, who will split the revenue. Thank you!



  • Click on the above ticketing link, then register on their site with your name and email address (you will not have access through an existing Strand account). Purchase your ticket. 
  • You should receive a confirmation email from Row House Cinema shortly after your purchase, which will include a link to watch the film. (Don’t forget to check your spam folder.) 
  • Choose to watch it on your computer, device, or television:

          COMPUTER or DEVICE: Just click the link, which will take you back to the screening page. You will be logged in.  

          TELEVISION: You can mirror your screen from your computer or device using Chromecast, AppleTV, or by having a smart TV. Or you can directly link your computer or device to the TV with an HDMI cable.

  • Click on “Start Watching”

      – There will be an intro video before the main feature
      – There is a 10 second pause before the second video starts
      – You may have to press play again for the second video to start

Show Dates & Times:

4/24/20 - Friday

(All day),

4/25/20 - Saturday

(All day),

4/26/20 - Sunday

(All day),

4/27/20 - Monday

(All day),

4/28/20 - Tuesday

(All day),

4/29/20 - Wednesday

(All day),

4/30/20 - Thursday

(All day),


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