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Co-presented by the Jericho Circle Project

Set inside a single room in Folsom Prison, follow three men from outside as they participate in a four-day group therapy retreat with level-four convicts. Over the four days, each man in the room takes his turn at delving deep into his past. The raw and revealing process that the incarcerated men undertake exceeds the expectations of the free men, ripping them out of their comfort zones and forcing them to see themselves and the prisoners in unexpected ways. A powerful and rare look past the cinder block walls, steel doors and the dehumanizing tropes in our culture to reveal a movement of change and redemption that transcends what we think of as rehabilitation.

Directed by Jairus McLeary and Gethin Aldous 

Starring Aaron Ortega-Piddington, Alvin 'Bud' Wheeler, Charles Tate Jr.

USA | 2017 | NR | 1h 29min


A panel discussion will follow the screening of this film. The panel will include former prisoners, as well as representatives of the Jericho Circle Project (JCP) team, and volunteers who have worked with Maine Inside Out ( The panel will offer perspectives on the possibilities of transformation within and beyond our current correctional policies and practices. The panel will also discuss current and future projects and operations of JCP in Maine and Massachusetts State Prisons, and answer questions from the audience.

Jericho Circle Project volunteers create and facilitate men’s circles in prisons to support personal change and the discovery of deeper truth. JCP has been providing men’s circles in Massachusetts prisons for eighteen years. These circles help incarcerated men develop tools to come to terms with their inner struggles and bring down the walls that separate them from their loved ones, communities and themselves. Carefully crafted to develop trust and support authenticity, Jericho Circles help men see themselves more clearly, many for the first time. In Jericho circles, men learn how to help themselves and others in the circle to identify and express their feelings, communicate clearly, address conflicts in their lives, hold themselves accountable, and identify new personal directions. JCP offers incarcerated and transitioning men support to bring down interior walls, find new ways to reinvent their lives and become powerful and productive men in the world. 

JCP is currently developing a support group of volunteers who are interested in participating or co-facilitating a Jericho Circle in Warren State Prison. Experience in Men’s Work is helpful. JCP will provide training to volunteers to gain the skills, and become familiar with the JCP group process. Any adult males who are interested in volunteering, may contact Jonathan Purinton, LCPC at [email protected]" for more information. Donations in support of JCP developing and implementing a program at Warren State Prison will be accepted in the Strand Theatre lobby.





Show Dates & Times:

10/13/19 - Sunday

2:00 pm,


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