Zodiac Math

Maine Premiere! -- Following its run in NYC

Equal parts 90’s pop music video, slumber party seance, and honest confession, Zodiac Math is an evening of intimate stories scored by anachronistic alt-pop. Joined by an all girl rock band, songwriter/performer Elizabeth May (EMay) invites you into her mystical world.  Driven by family folklore of a childhood death curse, EMay explores sexual identity, twin magic, and female-centric stories dripping with pop star bravado.  Zodiac Math invites you to laugh, to exhale, and to tear down the patriarchy through dark comedic rituals.

This unique theatrical rock concert is brought to you by a team of women who are very familiar with the Strand stage -- having directed, designed, and performed in the 2016 and 2017 productions of The Rocky Horror Show. Starring EMay (“Magenta” from Rocky), Zodiac Math also welcomes back director Lindsey Hope Pearlman, projection designer Ingrid Larson, lighting designer Kate McGee, Lyndsey Anderson (“Narrator”) on lead guitar, and Brittany Parker (“Janet”) on bass and backup vocals. Zodiac Math will also introduce Shannon Sigley to the Strand, whose drumming credits include rock bands Parquet Courts and the Dreebs.

Runtime: 75 minutes


Question and Answer Session with EMay

How is ZODIAC MATH different from your typical one woman show?

Zodiac Mathis supported by an all female rock band. I want it to feel like bringing theatre to music, not music to theatre. I’m interested in blending the type of vocal distortion I use in my experimental band, Pollens, with the dramaturgy of my theatre practice. Using nerdy music gear like a vocal effects pedal and a looper, I can change characters with the tap of a toe. This gives me the flexibility to shift perspective quickly and cleanly without having to use tropes like putting on some random hat. All that to say, Zodiac Math doesn’t feel like your typical one woman show because it’s not. It’s too rock and roll for that.

Now let’s address the woman part. I’m a female bodied person walking around a patriarchal world and spoiler: I’m going to talk about that. It’s a scary thing to do for a lot of obvious reasons, and it’s also scary to admit that in an application. But let’s just say it: I will speak about sexual trauma and abuse, but you will be allowed to laugh about it. I want to laugh too. There is this thing going on culturally right now around this topic. My story feels too personal to attach any buzzwords to it, but I’m telling it because I felt like it was the thing I was always avoiding saying. I know I’m not the only one with a story like that. That’s why I made this show.


What is ZODIAC MATH about?

In my family, the women on my mother’s side have always given birth to twins. Those twins were always one boy and one girl, and for as far back as anyone can remember, the girl twin always died in her childhood: except me. I’m the girl that survived and I used to think this meant something special. Maybe I have some big purpose or maybe I’m meant to find a twin flame in another person. Zodiac Math is about that search.


Why is it called ZODIAC MATH?

Let me start by relieving you of the notion that I’ll be methodically working my way through all twelve zodiac signs. I won’t. It’s not a horoscope. It’s a storytelling show that uses the Zodiac as a stand in for real names, while projecting broader energetic identities onto specific characters from my life.  It’s about compatibility. It’s about the calculus of searching for your twin flame and the algebra of defying your fate. This is what I mean by math.  How do we, as people, add up together?


What does ZODIAC MATH feel like?

It feels like a rock show where the musicians tell you the REAL dirt behind the songs.


What does the director of ZODIAC MATH have to say?

"Elizabeth is a kick-ass singer, a hilarious performer, and one of my favorite songwriters.   Zodiac Math is not only a showcase of EMay’s many talents, but it's also chance for us to share our unique brand of playful, irreverent, sexy, provocative feminist theatre. Zodiac Math contributes to a larger cultural conversation. I believe we’re in the throes of a feminist revolution, as women-centric storytelling gains power and relevance.  Zodiac Math is the soundtrack to that conversation.” - Lindsey Hope Pearlman, Director


 2019 Concert Series Sponsor

Show Dates & Times:

6/1/19 - Saturday

7:30 pm,

$18/Advance, $20/Day of Show

Advance tickets available at the link below; by calling (207) 594-0070 (M-F, noon - 4pm); or at the box office when the theater is open for shows.

Handling Fee applies to online and phone sales.

Box Office opens at 6pm on night of show
Doors open at 6:45pm

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