Portland Filmmakers will attend Special Screening of Acclaimed TUMBLEDOWN

In this romantic comedy set in Farmington, Maine, the grieving widow (Rebecca Hall) of a singer-songwriter clashes with an acerbic journalist (Jason Sudeikis) who arrives in her small town announcing he's writing a biography about her late husband and his mysterious death. What begins as a clash of wills evolves into something more profound, as the journalist's presence helps her make peace with her husband's passing. 

ONE NIGHT ONLY: March 12 at 8pm 

Director Sean Mewshaw and screenwriter Desi Van Til will be present  for Q&A!

USA | 2015 | R | 105 min

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"First-time director Sean Mewshaw and screenwriter Desi Van Til - they're married - have decided, intriguingly, to craft a movie about loss and letting go. And they've done so with uncommon humor and heart." - Rolling Stone

"If it's possible to be pastoral and quaint in a brazen, unapologetic way, Mewshaw and Van Til have managed it: Their film is occasionally lovely, occasionally cloying, and always... what's that word? 'Romantic.' " - NPR

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