Membership FAQ

What does my Strand membership pay for?

Your membership helps to support the mission of Friends of the Strand Theatre, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, present an innovative program of films, live performances, and educational events that contribute to the growth of a strong artistic and cultural community in Maine, serving as a gathering place for enrichment in the Midcoast area and as an anchor for Rockland's vibrant downtown.  

Membership dues help us maintain our historic theater’s facilities, state of the art projection and sound systems; offer unique film programming with a regular schedule of current independent, documentary and foreign film titles; present a diverse, year-round venue of live music, performing arts and special events; and design and share engaging and expanded new programs with our audiences.


What are the benefits of membership?

Specific benefits depend on your level of membership. All memberships include free movie tickets, special email and print newsletters and membership decals. All benefits are listed on the website and on a brochure available at the theater box office, lobby, and business office.  Upon becoming a member, you will receive a membership packet containing a welcome letter outlining your benefits, membership card(s), decal and all related membership materials.


How many people are covered by my membership?

All memberships include one to two individuals. Please specify the names of the individual(s) you would like on your membership card(s) when you register or renew. 


What forms of payment do you accept for memberships?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.


How can I pay by check for my membership?

If you would like to pay by check, please send your check and contact information (name(s), mailing address, telephone number, and email) to: Friends of the Strand Theatre, PO Box 433, Rockland, ME 04841.  Click here to download the membership PDF that you can print out and mail to us. Please make checks payable to: Friends of the Strand Theatre, Inc.


How do I redeem my benefits?

You will receive certificates for free movie tickets as enclosure(s) with your welcome letter and membership card(s).

If you are entitled to free HD or concert tickets, contact the membership office (207-701-5053) to book those tickets in advance of the live event.

Member appreciation movies and pre-screening receptions will be by invitation and we will let you know how to RSVP for those events.


How often are membership appreciation movies and pre-screening receptions held?

These types of events are held twice a year.


What is the Priority Ticketing Service?

Priority ticketing through our membership office includes:

o   personal service in purchasing regular advanced tickets and booking your complimentary member benefit tickets

o   tickets mailed to allow bypass of box office and will call

o   early entrance at non-reserved seating concert events -- 15mins. prior to scheduled door times


Priority ticket service through our membership office
• personal service in purchasing regular tickets,
and booking
your complimentary member
benefit tickets
• tickets mailed to bypass Will Call window
• early entrance to non-reserved seating concert
events – 15 minutes prior to the scheduled doors
open time

When does my membership start?

Membership will be effective on the day of receipt of your payment. Memberships are valid for a one-year period and must be renewed annually. You will be notified when renewal is due.


What is the Automatic Renewal Option for Membership?

The Automatic Renewal option is a convenient way for you to maintain your membership and continuous support of the Strand Theatre. Memberships are for a pre-paid  12-month term. Your membership will automatically renew at the end of each term for another 12-month term. You agree that we may automatically renew your membership and charge your account on the one year anniversary of your last renewal date unless you cancel your membership before the Renewal Date. You will receive an email notice approximately 30 days prior to the Renewal Date. The notice will let you know that your current membership term is about to end and the Renewal Date when your membership will be renewed and your account charged. All notices regarding your membership will be sent to your last email of record. To cancel your membership without your account being charged for the next term, you must do so before the Renewal Date.


Can someone else use my benefits?

Yes, you can share your admissions to movie tickets, companion movie tickets, HD & concert events, membership appreciation movies and pre-screening receptions. However, you must be the person redeeming the benefits and/or booking the advance tickets. Please note that only those individuals holding the membership card(s) will be able to use the Priority Ticketing service.


Do you offer Gift Memberships?

Yes, you can fill out the Membership Application printed form or the online application for gift memberships.


Is my membership tax deductible?

The Friends of the Strand Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The portion of your membership over and above the tangible benefit value that you receive is tax deductible. Your welcome letter will specify the amount that is tax deductible for your membership level. The letter will also supply the necessary language for IRS purposes.

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